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  • May 17, 10am

Bike Festival At Chenango Valley State Park

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Get crazwith our “SpiritedRider” contest! Show your fun side by dressing up your bikes or your group to show your family, team or group spirit! Got a crazy bike?  We want you to show it off at DRRFC! Pre-register your group today!



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About Dottie

Dottie Rice  Dorothy (Dottie) Rice was born October 6, 1948.  For family she was known as Dorothy, the nurturing mother, oldest sister, and aunt. To the rest of the world she was Dottie, the ever-positive and fun-loving friend and colleague whose smile would light up a room. In 1977 Dottie’s life took an unexpected turn when she received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior via an up and coming church out of an American Legion. Having faced much struggle in her 29 years, Dottie found comfort and hope in Jesus and never looked back! She likened her rebirth in Christ to the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly and for the rest of her life she held butterflies as a symbol of her walk with Him.

While attending church, Dottie was mesmerized by the work of a sign language interpreter and felt strongly that the Lord was calling her to this work. She earned a degree from Gaulladet University and began a career with Broome Tioga BOCES that would span three decades. In recent years, she also served as an adjunct professor, teaching American Sign Language at Binghamton University and Broome Community College.

Jesus and her career were not the only loves of her life. Dottie shared life with her husband Don and her son Kevin who, as a family, loved the great outdoors! Dottie once said she loved being outdoors because it brought her “closer to God and His great creation.” Once again, she felt a calling on her life as she learned of an outdoor adventure with Youth For Christ, an organization that paired troubled youngsters with mature Christian mentors. She bought a used bike for the trip and spent days having fun with the children at the camp. She came home excited for bike riding and wanted to ride more! Not long after, she and her husband joined the Southern Tier Bicycle Club with whom they toured various parts of the United States and Canada over the course of the next twenty years.

In the early part of 2012 Dottie watched in sadness as her younger sister Barb and younger brother Nelson lost their battles with cancer not a month apart. Dottie, always full of energy and spirit, knew that now was the best time to check off her ultimate “bucket list” item. In Spring of 2012, with her husband by her side, they would embark on a journey across the TransAmerican Bicycle trail, spanning the country from the coast of Virginia to the coast of Oregon. The couple spent three months on bicycle with camping gear and minimal garments, taking shelter at camp sites, hostels and the homes of strangers, only breaking for nine days total.  Knowing the dangers they would face along the way Dottie prepared her own obituary and funeral services should she not return home.

But she did return home… 25 lbs lighter and more full of spirit than ever! She proclaimed the trip to be the grandest experience of her life! Just weeks after returning home from their great journey, Dottie set out on a routine local bike ride with a dear friend. On the way home, a motorist driving 55 miles per hour allegedly fell asleep behind the wheel, came over into the five foot shoulder and struck Dottie from behind, killing her almost instantly. As news began spreading of Dottie’s death, the community was shaken and devastated to hear that their beloved wife, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, interpreter, teacher, and cycling partner was gone.  But hearts were encouraged and inspired as Dottie’s self-written obituary appeared in the newspaper stating “As you pause here to read this obituary know assuredly that I am, on this glorious day, now in the presence of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ… In Christ has my life been full… all of my accomplishments have only been made possible as the Lord gave strength and blessings… for those who have gone on before, I look forward to meeting them on the golden streets of Heaven… Until we meet in glory, Phil 4:4 (“Always be full of joy in the Lord; I say it again, rejoice!”) ”

Hundreds of broken hearted people attended Dottie’s services where by her own instruction, her long time pastor properly introduced the gathered to the Jesus that saved Dottie’s life.

It is our mission at DRRFC to continue Dottie’s mission of calling the community closer to Jesus, in her memory and by way of her favorite pastime.

Dottie Rice

Dottie RiceDottie RiceDottie Rice




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